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Retired Employees of Fresno County

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California law recognizes REFCO as the official organization representing all Fresno County retirees. We have been working hard to do just that.

The Association’s primary efforts include:
  • Advocating for additional benefits for our membership (cost-of-living increases, health insurance availability and supplemental health insurance payments);
  • Participating on the Fresno County Retirement Board to ensure that our pension system is managed in accordance with both state law and best practices;
  • Meeting with the Fresno County Board of Supervisors and monitoring their actions as they relate to issues impacting retirees;
  • Keeping abreast of legislative bills and working with other County Associations to support or oppose bills that would affect retirees; and
  • Publishing a first class newspaper, the “Grapevine”, four times a year to keep you informed of REFCO current events and issues affecting all Fresno County retirees.

Many retirees mistakenly view the Association as a social club, but as you can see, we are much more than that. While all of us do enjoy seeing our friends at the quarterly luncheons, the picnic and the Christmas party, the Association’s major focus is to serve the membership in all the ways we have identified. This focus has had a positive impact on you, the Fresno County retiree.




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